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 1963 on wards

(A) 1963. Foundation


The school was founded in April,1963 as an English medium wing of the existing Islamia Collegiate School. A few years later it was re-organized as an independent School and named “University Public School”.


(B) 1963-69. Chairman:    


Since 1963 to November 1969 the school remained under the direct administrative control of a school with Syed Yahya Shah as its chairman and financed by the University of Peshawar.


(C) 1969. Sub-Committee


 In November 1969, the syndicate in its meeting held on 29.11.1969 appointed a sub-committee of the syndicate (Controlling Body) consisting of the following members to look after the affairs of the University Public School.


1) Mr. Syed Faridullah Shah (Chairman)

2) Mr. Riaz ur Rehman

3) Mr. Syed Masoom Shah

4) Headmaster, University Public School( Secretary)


The sub-committee of the syndicate of school in its meeting held on 4.12.1969 decided that the sub-committee would function as the Board of Governors of the school till a proper one was constituted by the government and all its decision would be subject to the approval of the syndicate, University of Peshawar. This decision of the sub-committee was approved by the syndicate, University of Peshawar in its meeting held on 30.12.1969, vide item no. 22.


(D) 1971. Powers and Duties:


The sub-committee (Board of Governors) framed powers and duties of the Headmaster duly approved by the syndicate in its meeting held on 30.1.1971, vide item no. 44. 




1)        The Headmaster shall be responsible for framing the annual budget and   shall submit it to the Board for approval.

2)        The Headmaster shall have authority to incur all expenditure as provided in the sanctioned budget.


(E) 1974. Statutes:   


 In 1974, the syndicate in its meeting held on 23.7.1974 approved the statutes relating to University Public School (vide notification no. 2359/Acad. dated. 12.8.1974) and replaced the above sub-committee, as in 2(C) and constituted the Board of Governors consisting for the following members:


1)      Vice- Chancellor, University of Peshawar

Ex-Officio Chairman.

2)      The Chairman, BISE, Peshawar

Ex-Officio Member.

3)      The Director of Education, Peshawar.

4)      The Principal, College of Education.

5)      The Principal, Islamia College.

6)      The Principal of Public School, nominated for a year by the syndicate.

7)      The Registrar, University of Peshawar.

Ex-Officio Member.

8)      One parent of any student, nominated by the Chairman for one year.

9)      Principal, University Public School, Peshawar

Ex-Officio secretary.


CLAUSE 9(2) Vi-of the Statutes 1974


The Principal may incur all expenditure as provided in the sanctioned budget. 


CLAUSE 10- of the Statutes 1974


 All income from fees, grants-in-aid endowments, donations and all other sources of income shall be credited to a fund called the University public School Peshawar fund and deposited in a scheduled bank approved by the Board.


(F) 1976. Status Committee:                                                    


On the recommendations of the Board of Governors University Public School, in its meeting held on 18.10.1976 (item no. 40) approved the constitution of the following committee to examine and decide the “Status of School” in light of the statutes relating to University Public School. 


1)      Principal, University Public School, Peshawar( Convener).

2)      Deputy Registrar P&D, University of Peshawar.

3)      Dr. M. Jamshaid, Principal, College of Education, University of Peshawar.

4)      Mr. Abdur Rehman Khan,Principal, Abbottabad Public School & college, Abbottabad.

A meeting of the committee was held on 7.4.1977 at 10:00 a.m in the office of the Principal University Public School, Peshawar, to clarify the status of the School.


The following attended the meeting:

 1)      Prof. M.A. Rehman, Principal, Abbottabad Public School, Abbottabad

 2)      Dr. M. Jamshed, Principal, College of Education, University of Peshawar.

 3)      Mr. Yousuf Ali Khan, Deputy Registrar (P&D) University of Peshawar.

 4)      Mr. Gohar Zaman, Principal, University Public School (Secretary).

 It was decided that the School should remain as part and parcel of University of Peshawar decided in the light of statutes fared for the school under section 27(2) read with section 48(1) of the University of Peshawar Act-1974.


The committee also felt that under these circumstances the terms and conditions of the service of the employees of the University Public School, should be the same as was applied to the employees of University of Peshawar.


 The committee felt that the Board of Governors may be replaced by a managing committee consisting of the three (3)  Principals of University Schools headed by the Vice-Chancellor.


(G) 1978. Finance Committee:   


 In a meeting of the Finance and Planning committee held on 4.7.1978/duly approved by the syndicate in its meeting held on 22.7.1978, a committee consisting of the following officials was appointed to examine the whole structure of the University Public School with regard to staff strength, their qualifications, pay scales other facilities, number of students, amount of tuition fee, hostel and mess fees etc. charged from the students and compare the same with other Public Schools in the province and submit a report to the Finance and Planning committee in its next meetings.  

1.      Prof. M. Jan Khan, Chairman, Dept. of Physics, Islamia College.

2.      Mr. Sh. M. Afzal, Joint Secretary, Finance Dept. Govt. of N.W.F.P.

3.     Mr. Muhammad Idrees, Deputy Secretary Education Dept. Govt. of N.W.F.P.

It was further decided that the committee would examine the existing pay scales of the three University Schools teachers as compared to their parts in the education department and would submit definite recommendations in regard to the grant of teaching allowance to the teachers of the three (3) schools in BPS 5 to 16.


In this connection the Treasurer, University of Peshawar, was requested to convene a meeting but no meeting on the subject was convened.


(H) 1979.     


 In 1979, vide notification no. 6348/Acad. I, dated, 27.5.1979 the statutes relating to University Public School were replaced and it was decided that now all matters would be governed under the relevant statutes, rules and regulations  of the University of Peshawar, Act 1974.


(I) 1979: Self Sufficiency:  


 In a meeting of the Finance and Planning committee held on 26.3.1979, duly approved by the syndicate, in its meeting held on 28.5.1979 (communicated by the Treasurer, University of Peshawar, vide endst. no. 6658/Budget, dated, 10.7.1979) it was decided that University Model School and University Public School should be self-sufficient.




 In 1980, the syndicate in its meeting held on 28.4.1980, constituted management committee for University Schools consisting of the following.


1)       Principal, Islamia College, Peshawar.

2)      Professor Jalaluddin Khilji

3)      Professor Mahmoodul Haq Haqani.

4)      Treasurer, University of Peshawar.

5)      Principal of concerned School as member only, in the affairs of his/her school.

  The management committee adopted rules of Board of Governors as already approved by the syndicate.

(K) 1982. BOARD of GOVERNORS:   


 In 1982, the senate in its meeting, held on 25.11.1982 considered the Schools statutes as recommended by the syndicate on 4.9.1982, and decided to approve the constitution of the Board of Governors, University schools as under (Memo. No. 73-75/Acad. dated: 2.1.1983)

 1)     Vice-Chancellor, University  of Peshawar (Chairman)

 2)      Principal Islamia college

 3)      Two members of the syndicate, nominated by the chairman for 2 years.

 4)      A nominee each of the selection board and Academic Council for 2 years.

 5)      Principals of University Schools.

 6)      Registrar, University of Peshawar (Member / Secretary).

It was also decided that the Board of Governors, would frame its own rules consistent with the provision of the University Act 1974.

           The rules were framed and the syndicate in its meeting held on 16.4.83 approved the statutes relating to University schools (Memo. No. 16646-48/Acad. I, dated, 5.51983).


(L)  1992:


The syndicate, in its meeting on 22.10.92 constituted a school management committee to regulate affairs of three schools of University. The following were the members of committee: 


1)      Vice chancellor                                                                        (Chairman)

2)      Mr. Abdul Ali Khan                                                                    (member)

3)      Dr. R. H. Pont, Principal Edwards College                                 (member)

4)      Elected nominee from Islamia College T.S.A                              (member)

5)      Prof.. Malak Naz, Principal University Public School                 (member)

6)      Mrs. Musharraf Rabbani, Principal University Model School      (member)

7)      Mr. Roohul Amin, Principal Islamia Collegiate School                (member)

8)      Elected nominee from PUTA                                                      (member)

9)      Director Education (Schools) N.W.F.P                                       (member)


(M)   2005.


 The syndicate, in its meeting on 15.01.05 reconstituted the school management committee as follow:


      1)   Prof. Dr. Wazim Khan, Director IER                                         (Convener)

      2)   Prof. Dr. Fazal Rehman Sethi (Physics)                                    (member)

      3)    Prof. Dr. Amir Nawaz (Geography)                                           (member)

      4)    Mr. Abdur Rauf Jamil, Principal Islamia Collegiate School        (member)

      5)   Prof. Malak Naz, Principal University Public School                 (member)

      6)   Mrs. Liaqat Usman, Principal University Model School              (member)

      7)   Mr. Fazl-e-Hadi, Deputy Registrar, Acad. I                               (Secretary)


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